Three Bedford bicycles in a row - Raw silver, Ivory, and Army Green

Why Brooklyn?

Hundreds of companies sell bikes. Why should you choose Brooklyn Bicycle Co.? We could go on and on about what sets us apart from other brands—from our fixation on quality, to the way we prioritize ethical relationships with our employees and partners, to our commitment to responsible production. But you probably didn’t come here to read a novel. So let’s cut to the chase. Here are three of the biggest factors that distinguish Brooklyn time and time again:

So much of who we are comes back to where we’re from.

Brooklyn originated from the desire to provide people with bicycles to explore their neighborhoods and engage with their communities. Traveling on a bike allows people to cover more ground, discovering new parks, restaurants, bars, galleries, and other meeting spaces in the process.

Fittingly, we design our bikes to celebrate our own neighborhood. Brooklyn is multicultural, economically diverse, topographically dynamic, and remarkably collaborative—it’s a microcosm of the world. We love these things about Brooklyn, and we strive to incorporate those qualities into our bicycles.

By immersing ourselves in our own community, we’re constantly reminded of our promise to our customers: to help you discover yours.

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. headbadge
Front half of Roebling bike
We emphasize transformations, not transactions

We’re on a mission to make purchasing a product a human experience.

We don’t just provide our customers with bicycles. We provide you with a series of positive experiences from the first interaction to the day you pick up your bike.

When you connect with Brooklyn Bicycle Co., you’re treated like a human being. We genuinely care to learn about you and your neighborhood, what you’re hoping to get out of owning a bicycle, and what you expect from us as a brand—and we aim to deliver every time.

You won’t have this experience in a big box store. There, you pick out a product, walk to the cash register, pay your money, and leave. It’s transactional, and there’s nothing personal about it.

At Brooklyn, we make it personal. We know that every single person is unique, and we want each of our customers to shine on a bicycle that’s suited to their needs.

We obsess over the details... (so you don’t have to)

Every bike we design has to pass a broad set of criteria before it heads to production:

- Will our customers feel exceptionally comfortable while riding?

- Will our customers look great riding it?

- Will it last our customers for years and years?

In order to check these boxes, we spend hours agonizing over the smallest details, right down to millimeter changes in our frame geometry. And we make sure that every one of our bikes features puncture-resistant tires, high-end grips and saddles, and free professional assembly.

You won’t be up-charged for these features. It’s our job to provide the highest level of comfort and quality. By the time a bike finally heads to production, we know we’ve done right by our customers.

Rear half of Roebling bike
Three people with their bicycles in front of large wooden doors

Need help finding the right bike?

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