A turnkey, branded wellness initiative shown to increase employee productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

Anniversary Gifts

Recognize and celebrate employee dedication by gifting them a custom bike.

Sales Achievement Awards

Incentivize your team to meet their sales goals by offering custom bikes to your top performers.

Employee Wellness Perk

Bikes provide obvious physical benefits such as increased cardiovascular health and muscle toning, as well as mental health benefits such as reduced stress and improved mood.

On-Site Fleet

Help your team efficiently mange spend their lunch breaks by offering two-wheel transportation.


Contributing to a more environmentally sustainable workplace by reducing the number of cars on the road.

Sign-On Gifts

Enhance your sign-on bonus package and welcome new employees.

Wellness Initiative

While we are passionate about cycling, we are even more passionate about people. If you share our sentiments, perhaps our "Ready to Roll" corporate bike fleet program is a great place to start.

With our "Ready to Roll" corporate bike fleet program, we’ve helped many companies create or refresh their wellness initiative, resulting in increased employee productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

What do we offer and how easy is the "Ready To Roll" program to implement?

  • Branded bikes, professionally assembled local to you (from 4 to 50,000)
  • Low maintenance unisex bikes with easily adjustable seat heights
  • Fits wide range of rider heights
  • Established relationship with local bike shop to maintain and service your fleet
  • Safety offerings (one-size helmets, lights, bells)
  • Security options (locks, seat leash)
  • Cargo options such as baskets, rear carriers, or branded rear crates – for carrying laptops, backpacks, water bottles, etc.
  • Referrals for storage options if needed

The Choice is Yours

12 colors and 8 styles to choose from means we can find the perfect ride for you whether you're a startup brewery or a Fortune 500.

Branding & Customization

Branding and customization options ensure that bikes stay unique to your organization. Branded bicycle frames, numbered fenders, custom colors, and custom rear crates are just a few ways we can highlight your company brand.

Premium Componentry

Technical details that a casual rider might never notice make a world of difference in the comfort, reliability, and maintenance cost of a bicycle.

Easy Order Minimums

Low order minimums so whether you need 5 bikes or 500, we've got you covered.

Three orange bikes in a row with wooden rear crate on carriers

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