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Bike Safety 101

Whether you're commuting or riding leisurely, learn to ride safely

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Bike Maintenance 101

Proper maintenance is the key to a long-lasting relationship with your bike

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A Message From Ryan

Over a decade after founding Brooklyn Bicycle Co., we remain just as committed to the idea that personal mobility should be easy, stylish, and fun. And we remain devoted to making our products the best they can be—whether that means investing in the highest quality materials or obsessing over mere millimeters on our bikes’ frame geometry.

Today, customers in metropolitan areas throughout the world are cruising around on the bikes that used to exist only in our minds.
While our bikes are ridden all over the world, we’re still rooted in the place that birthed the idea for Brooklyn Bicycle Co. I don’t think there’s a better place in the world to have as our test lab than Brooklyn.

This place is a tremendous testing ground for our bikes. It lets us experience firsthand the challenges that someone riding a bike in an urban setting might encounter and experiment with different ways to solve those problems. The people we meet and the things we see in
Brooklyn inspire us every day.

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Love my new bike! It’s not only beautiful and comfortable but a very smooth ride. The ordering process was so easy. Having it shipped to a local bike shop for assembly was seamless and so convenient. I can’t wait to explore.

Angelina B.

My bike is something special, a perfect balance between quality and style. This is the first real bike I've bought and I couldn't be more impressed. It has such a smooth, unique feel that makes riding it fun and enjoyable. The staff was incredibly patient and responsive when I asked for some help. I would highly recommend purchasing a Brooklyn Bike.

Garrett T.

I absolutely LOVE my new bike and so do many others! Every time I ride it, several people say “nice bike”! But aesthetics aside, it is such a comfortable bike and rides very well. The gears shift smoothly and it’s very sturdy, even when my basket is chock full of groceries. I’m very happy with my purchase :)

Kiley B.
New York