Bike Maintenance 101

Bike Maintenance 101

Proper maintenance is the key to a long-lasting relationship with your bike. Here are our top five things you can do to keep your bike rolling in tip-top shape!

1. Yearly Tune Ups

We suggest scheduling a tune up with your local bike shop at the start of every season. Having a professional look over your bike will ensure there are no underlying mechanical issues that will occur while riding. Regular tune ups will result in a ton of time, money, and frustration saved in the long run.

2. Clean Your Bike

Dirt and grime from the road will naturally accumulate on your bicycle through everyday riding. Keeping your bike clean protects the frame and components from premature corrosion and wear. A simple wipe down every 3-4 weeks with a damp cloth and bike-safe cleaning solutions will do wonders for the health of your bicycle, and keep it looking stylish! We suggest a solution of watered down Simple Green cleaner, but ALWAYS check the solution you're using to ensure it's safe for your frame and component materials. Once you've done that, simply spray your bike down, and wipe it with a clean rag or old t-shirt. 

3. Keep Your Tires Pumped

Tires naturally lose pressure over time. Riding on under-inflated tires can lead to pinched inner-tubes, as well as premature wear on your tires and rims. If you're cycling regularly, we suggest topping off your tires once a week. If you don't have a pump at home, your most local shops will have a pump that's available for public use. Just be sure to ask first!

4. Keep Your Chain Clean

The chain is the most important component of your bike. A healthy chain leads to a smooth and quiet ride. It's important to keep your chain clean, and lubricated, especially if you're riding in the rain. We suggest using a Teflon based chain lube once every 2-3 weeks. Your local bike shop will be a valuable resource in choosing the correct chain lube for your bike.

5. Ask for help!

We're always available to provide support regarding any technical questions you might have about your bike. Our network of over 500 partner shops across the country also ensures you'll have the support you need no matter the issue. So if you're experiencing an issue with your bike, reach out to us, and we're help you work towards a solution.

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