A Day at Prospect Park With This Is The Place I Was Telling You About

A Day at Prospect Park With This Is The Place I Was Telling You About




Howdy y’all. It’s the duo from the lifestyle blog, This Is The Place I Was Telling You About. We’ve partnered with our friends over at Brooklyn Bike Co to share our day date to Prospect Park. With all the rain that’s been going on lately, we were ecstatic when the sun finally came out. So we packed our backpack, grabbed our bikes and decide to make the trip from Bushwick to Prospect Park. 

The Soldier and Sailors Memorial Arch at the main entrance of the park always catches our eye. We find the architecture especially beautiful. 

While the foliage was no longer at its peak, the leaves on the ground definitely added to the autumn vibes. Fall is our favorite seasons so the longer we get to bask in it the better. 

It was a brisk day, so when we weren’t biking things got a bit chilly. It made for the perfect reason to warm up with hot cider and donuts. We laid down a blanket, read a little bit, and did some people watching. 

On our way home, we stopped at a local farmers market to pick up some fresh produce for dinner that evening. We came across a Chinese dumpling vendor and ordered half a dozen pork dumplings to eat while we walked around. The dumplings aren’t pictured because they were devoured in seconds. They were delicious! 


R'el rides our Franklin 3 Ivory Large 
& Marcus rides our Bedford 8 Large in Matte Black.

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