Montreal Bike Tour - Ali Inay

Montreal Bike Tour - Ali Inay

Ali Inay

Ali Inay


We reached out to none other than Ali Inay to show us around Montreal. The same man behind the infamous hashtag: #mtlcafecrawl, Ali's attention to detail, beautiful eye, and love of his city are just a handful of reasons why we approached him. His photos speak for themselves, but we got him to talk a bit about his favorite places in Montreal:


Montreal is by no means limited to two neighborhoods, but as I'm living in Parc Laurier, I'll be taking you around Plateau and Mile End with my Driggs 7

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Driggs 7


Cafe Noble

Café Noble

This hotspot next to the metro station is frequented by many people in the mornings, families and groups in the afternoon, and by everybody during the weekends! I always take a long espresso but they also serve ice cream when the weather gets hot (that corresponds to 68 degrees in Montreal). This coffee shop is right between Plateau and Mile End. Nearby is Parc Laurier, perfect for a picnic, and one of the pop-up art markets (s/o Puces Pop) that are held under the church next door.

(at Cafe Noble)


St-Viateur Bagel


This is usually the first place I bring my visiting friends when they come into town. It is one of the very few places open 24 hours in the city, and takes its name from the street it’s located on. Get the sesame bagels (or rosemary and sea salt ones if you’re feeling adventurous) and some cream cheese. You can either enjoy it on the benches at the corner (in front of Cafe Myriade) or anywhere along this vibrant street.

(at St-Viateur Bagel)


Drawn & Quarterly

The only (comic)bookstore in Mile End, Drawn & Quarterly (@drawnandquarterly) has hosted more events than our Google Calendar can even hold. Filled with selectively curated books and magazines, it carries a fascinating selection of comic books and contemporary finds from writers all around the world. Perfect to find a weekend read or your next summer novel.

(at Drawn & Quarterly)


Dragon Flower

Impossible to notice if you’re strolling down Rue Bernard, Dragon Flower announces itself with dozens of hanging birdcages. The flower shop became a Mile End staple and is hard to miss tucked between the coffee shops and boutiques in the neighborhood.

(at Dragon Flowers)


La Montrealaise Atelier

A welcomed staple of Montreal’s daily wear, LMA (@lamontrealaiseatelier) first appeared in pop-up markets and eventually found a solid base of fans. This always up-to-date and simple fashion stop is a must-see in East Mile End. The Mile End is home to many textile workshops, and is also home to the world-famous Frank & Oak headquarters and flagship store.

(at Le Montrealiaise Atelier)

Thanks Ali!

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