Community Spotlight: Yanti Turang

We wanted to learn a little bit more about the community surrounding Brooklyn Bicycle Co. bikes, so we created a section of our journal dedicated to some of the people we’ve been fortunate to call our customers.

Each month we feature a different member of the Brooklyn Bicycle Co. community and share what makes them tick.

Read on to learn about the most recent member of our community spotlight...

Yanti Turang of Learn To Live

Yanti Turang, Registered Nurse,  Founder and Executive Director of Learn to Live 


Where do you call home and explain some of your favorite things about your community?

New Orleans is home. My neighborhood is personal, warm, diverse, tree lined, historic & interesting.

Tell us about LearnToLive. 

LearnToLive is an organization I founded in 2013. Our programs focus in health care, health care education,clinical training and water solutions. These programs work in communities in the world that access to these things ( Indonesia, Laos, Kenya & South Africa). LearnToLive through its programs also evolves and builds more informed global citizens - Being apart of one of our programs will hopefully inspire, humble and make you into being a much more empathetic thoughtful human being.

Yanti Turang of Learn To Live with child

What are you most passionate about?

Equality & Choice. Knowing that choice gives you freedom. Majority of people in this world do not have a choice because their primary needs like water and healthcare are not met & therefore do not have the freedom to make choices to alleviate living in poverty because they have to spend their entire life meeting these primary needs. It is our role to level this playing field for people.

What passions drove you to your field?

Family members of mine were dying of preventable disease in Indonesia so I decided to do something about it.

Yanti Turang with two physicians

What impact has your bike had on your lifestyle?

The bike gives me an opportunity to lower my carbon footprint, encourage healthy living, gives me a chance to connect with my neighborhood & quickly commute!

What are your top 3 favorite places you bike to?

City park, French Quarter, and The Mississippi levee.

What does Brooklyn Bicycle Co. mean to you?

Style, comfort and freedom!

Yanti Turang of Live to Learn talking with members of community

Yanti Rides a Franklin 3 in Gloss Black

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