Community Spotlight - Kimia Ferdowsi Kline

Community Spotlight - Kimia Ferdowsi Kline

We wanted to learn a little bit more about our Brooklyn Bicycle Co. community, so we created a new section of our journal dedicated to some of the people we’ve been fortunate to call customers.

Each month we will feature a different member of the Brooklyn Bicycle Co. community and share what makes them tick.

Read on to learn about the most recent member of our community spotlight...

Kimia Kline

Kimia Ferdowsi Kline Brooklyn Artist

Where do you call home and explain some of your favorite things about your community? 

Brooklyn is home for me. One of my favorite things is the cultural diversity and openness I experience every day. The support and love for the arts is another amazing quality about this community. As a painter and curator, it's an incredible place to live and work because collaborations with other creatives is so accessible and a fundamental way of life. Art and design are a regular and normal part of life here--it's not a separate thing you have to seek out. I love that creativity is integrated into neighborhoods, restaurants, hotels, schools, and public spaces. 

Tell us about your art career and how you came about it. 

Any career in the arts is a long and winding process and mine is still unfolding. I always knew I wanted to be a painter and wanted to live in New York, but it took me 27 years to finally get to the City. Once I relocated here though, I was lucky in that opportunities came my way and I've been fortunate to work as both a painter and curator. 

What are you most passionate about? What passions drove you to your chosen field? 

I'm passionate about the power latent in art to change hearts, communities, and society. Bringing art to the masses and raising awareness and education around its potential is what drove me to choose my field, and also what has made curating in a public space like a hotel such an exciting experience. 

What impact has your bike had on your lifestyle? 

My studio is in the Navy Yard, which isn't easily accessible from any subways. My bike gives me the flexibility to come and go as I please without any need to wait for buses or worry about parking. It makes my commute to studio a total pleasure and saves me tons of time every week. 

What are the top 3 places you bike to? 

My studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Fort Greene Park, and to visit friends in Brooklyn.

What does the Brooklyn Bicycle Co. brand mean to you?

 I love that it's a local brand based in my community. I also really appreciate the brand's commitment to aesthetics and beautiful design. To me it's the quintessential Brooklyn bike. 

Can you share your favorite gallery in New York, some place off the beaten path? 

My favorite gallery in New York is CANADA in the lower east side. They have an amazing roster of artists and are an artist run space with smart and innovative programming.

Kamia Kline ArtworkKamia Kline in Front of ArtworkKamia Kline On Franklin

Photos by Jane Bruce and Carmen Chan.

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